Imbalanced Nutrition: more than body requirements

Intake of nutrients that exceeds metabolic needs

Defining Characteristics:
  • Triceps skin fold >25 mm in women;
  • triceps skin fold >15 mm in men; 
  • body weight (20% over ideal for height and frame; eating in response to external cues (e.g., time of day, social situation); 
  • eating in response to internal cues other than hunger (e.g., anxiety); 
  • reported or observed dysfunctional eating pattern pairing food with other activities; 
  • sedentary activity level; 
  • weight 10% over ideal for height and frame; 
  • concentrating food intake at the end of the day

Related Factors:
  • Excessive intake in relation to metabolic need; 
  • deficient knowledge related to desirability of nutritional supplements

NOC Outcomes (Nursing Outcomes Classification)

Suggested NOC Labels
  • Weight Control
  • Nutritional Status: Nutrient Intake
  • Nutritional Status: Food and Fluid Intake Management
Client Outcomes
  • States pertinent factors contributing to weight gain
  • Identifies behaviors that remain under client's control
  • Claims ownership for current eating patterns
  • Designs dietary modifications to meet individual long-term goal of weight control, using principles of variety, balance, and moderation
  • Accomplishes desired weight loss in a reasonable period (1 to 2 pounds/week)
  • Incorporates appropriate activities requiring energy expenditure into daily life
  • Uses sound scientific sources to evaluate need for nutritional supplements
NIC Interventions (Nursing Interventions Classification)

Suggested NIC Labels
  • Weight Management
  • Eating Disorders Management
  • Nutrition Management
  • Nutritional Counseling, Weight Reduction Assistance

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