Bathing / Hygiene Self-care Deficit


Impaired ability to perform or complete bathing/hygiene activities for oneself

Defining Characteristics:
  • Inability to: wash body or body parts; 
  • obtain or get to water source; 
  • regulate temperature or flow of bath water; 
  • get bath supplies; 
  • dry body; 
  • get in and out of bathroom

Impaired physical mobility-functional level classification:
0 Completely independent
1 Requires use of equipment or device
2 Requires help from another person for assistance, supervision, or teaching
3 Requires help from another person and equipment or device
4 Dependent—does not participate in activity

Related Factors: 
  • Decreased or lack of motivation; 
  • weakness and tiredness; 
  • severe anxiety;
  • inability to perceive body part or spatial relationship; 
  • perceptual or cognitive impairment; 
  • pain; 
  • neuromuscular impairment; 
  • musculoskeletal impairment; 
  • environmental barriers

NOC Outcomes (Nursing Outcomes Classification)

Suggested NOC Labels
  • Self-Care: Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)
  • Self-Care: Bathing
  • Self-Care: Hygiene
Client Outcomes
  • Remains free of body odor and maintains intact skin
  • States satisfaction with ability to use adaptive devices to bathe
  • Bathes with assistance of caregiver as needed without anxiety
  • Explains and uses methods to bathe safely and with minimal difficulty
NIC Interventions (Nursing Interventions Classification)

Suggested NIC Labels
  • Bathing
  • Self-Care Assistance: Bathing/Hygiene

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